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TENS therapy

TENS is one of the most popular methods of physical therapy and non-pharmacological and non-invasive pain treatment.

TENS causes an accelerated healing effect and is used for anti-swelling prophylaxis. The TENS treatment also alleviates the symptoms of inflammation and reduces pain sensitivity. Thanks to the properties of stimulating muscles to contract, it can be used for electrostimulation, thus preventing muscle atrophy and preparing them for work.  

Opinions of specialists on TENS treatments are very positive, a number of studies conducted in this area are the best confirmation of the health effects. One of the most often desired results is quick anesthesia, reduction of symptoms, e.g. for back pain.  It is also a very good training for weakened muscles.

Interesting facts

~ Back pain is the third most common reason for visiting a doctor after skin disease and osteoarthritis / joint disorders.

~ Chronic pain sufferers lose an average of 42 minutes of sleep a day.

~ As many as 85% of chronic pain patients develops  after time  depression.


What is TENS?

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a therapy that uses an electrical current delivered to the skin by electrodes to induce pain relief.  It is a low frequency impulse current (usually in the range from about 1 to about 130 pulses per second, 1–130 Hz). The pulses are very short (most often from about 0.1 to about 0.4 milliseconds, 100–400 µs).
Electrical nerve stimulation can encourage the body to produce natural painkillers called endorphins, which can block the sensation of pain.

Let's remember! The therapy does not cure the cause of the soreness, but only alleviates the symptoms.

Massage shoes: Foot massage, stimulate blood circulation, very comfortable and practical to stimulate circulation in the feet. 
Hand massager: Massages the hands and stimulates blood circulation.
Ear Chip: Clips for electro-massage of the ear, stimulate blood circulation in the ear.

Patches: For topical use.

The TENS stimulation offered in our office includes 3 massage time programs (10, 20 and 30 minutes) and 12 power levels adapted to the individual needs and feelings of the client.


The most frequently indicated applications:

  • rheumatoid arthritis

  • osteoarthritis

  • neuropathies and radiculopathies

  • post-traumatic pain

  • postoperative pain 

  • post-amputation pain

  • pain after dental procedures

  • headache / migraine

  • pain, spasticity and post-stroke dysfunction

  • painful menstruation

Possible additional action:

  • influences the improvement of tissue metabolism by improving blood supply and nutrition

  • causes an accelerated healing effect

  • it is used for anti-edema prophylaxis

  • prevents muscle atrophy and prepares them for work

  • Raynaud's disease (pale parts of the distal limbs when exposed to cold or emotions)

  • shingles,

  • damage to peripheral nerves

How does it work:

The analgesic effect is mainly due to the Melzack and Wall control gate mechanism. It is based on the stimulation with the TENS device of thick and medium-thick nerve fibers, which in turn disrupts the transmission of pain sensations.

Course of therapy:

Before starting the procedure, the patient should inform the therapist about sensory disturbances in the area undergoing treatment. You should also tell the therapist about any painkillers you are taking, as they may affect your ability to feel the electric current.  

This relaxing, up to 30-minute treatment is based on a gentle flow of low-frequency electricity through your body. When you sit down comfortably, you will be put on special 'slippers' on your feet, and pads in your hands, or if the therapy is carried out, it will be ear clips or a plaster. As the current flows, the feet and the part that touches the second polar window will gradually feel the release of the frequency wave. Then I adjust to the strength of the impulses that you can afford. It is normal that the left and right waves can be different.  

The client should feel a distinct but painless tingling or twitching of the muscle. In the event of pain in the area of the electrodes, notify the therapist as soon as possible, as it may damage the skin. During the procedure, the skin often gets used to the current and the sensations it experiences are weakened. You should also inform the therapist about this fact, who will increase the current so that you feel a distinct tingling sensation.


During the procedure, the patient should not make sudden movements or change the position of the body, as this may lead to the displacement of the electrodes and electric shock.  


After the treatment, you should rest for about 15 minutes.


Until 30 minutes before and after TENS currents, cold therapy treatments should not be applied to the treated body area, as the achieved therapeutic effects will be suppressed.

15-30 minutes is recommended for each part of the body you want to act on, 1-2 times a day for 10 days.

Contraindications (relative and absolute):

  • in patients with pacemakers and other electronic implants

  • in situations of skin damage or the risk of such damage or bruising, as well as in the case of dermatological diseases

  • fever


in the vicinity:

  • metal implants (risk of overheating)

  • active or suspected neoplastic lesion

  • abdomen and pelvis in pregnant women

  • chest

  • eyes

  • the anterior surface of the neck and carotid arteries

  • in situations where there is a risk of bleeding and exudation (e.g. after soft tissue damage)

  • in the area of ossification nuclei (around bone growth) in children

  • in patients with significant circulatory disturbance

  • in illnesses with fever


  • do not place the electrodes on the skin in areas with an abnormal (elevated or lowered) threshold of sensation

  • in patients with epilepsy, advanced cardiovascular diseases and cardiac arrhythmia - direct consultation with the attending physician is necessary

  • treatments are not performed in highly hairy areas.

TENS should not be used in cases of pain of an undefined site of origin (visceral pain) and psychogenic pain.

A specific situation applies to pregnancy and delivery: the use of TENS during pregnancy is traditionally contraindicated (although there is no evidence that TENS is harmful), while the use of TENS for labor pains is characteristic of this method.

Consult a healthcare professional prior to use if you have a serious medical condition or are on prescription medications.

Side effects:

The use of TENS currents only in the case of clear indications for electrostimulation allows you to avoid very unpleasant side effects of rehabilitation with currents in the form of irritation, burns or long-lasting redness.

How to prepare:

  • wear an outfit that allows easy access to the treatment area

  • the skin in the area subjected to the treatment should be well cleaned, because the dead epidermis limits the penetration of electricity into the tissues

  • All creams, ointments and other cosmetics should be removed from the skin in the area to be treated

  • sometimes excessive hair removal is required in the treatment area to improve electric leakage

  • before the procedure, remove jewelry and other metal elements, as this creates an unnecessary risk of electric shock


15, 20, 30 minutes


1 treatment  PLN 30

5 treatments 120 PLN

10 treatments 240 PLN

Reservation:  Individual results will vary.  

Consult a therapist before use if you have a serious medical condition or are on prescription medications.  

The services described herein are not intended by law to treat or prevent any disease. Devices within the meaning of the Act of May 20, 2010. About Medical Devices DZ.U.NR.107 Pos. 679 A as amended are not medical devices. These devices are analytical and measuring devices and may be used at the operator's own responsibility, and the Distributor and Manufacturers are not responsible for the effects of tests and therapies.

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