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Detox / Cleansing

Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to health and strive, among other things, to regularly cleanse the body of accumulated toxins. How to achieve the desired result and do no harm?The issue of purification must be approached competently and take into account all the possible consequences of the methods that will be used.



Cleansing the body of accumulated waste products, acids, moulds, organic compounds, heavy metals, radioactive substances, allergens and pathogens frees our body from burdens that weaken the body and block its proper treatment or simply drive us into various diseases.

When needed:

  • you have a problem with the digestive system: problems with defecation, constipation, gas, bloating

  • malaise and irritability

  • headache

  • constant fatigue 

  • lack of concentration

  • memory impairment

  • insomnia

  • lack of motivation to act

  • appearance problems: deterioration of the skin condition or the appearance of dark circles under the eyes;

  • acne

  • weakened immunity

  • swelling of the eyes or limbs

  • weight gain

  • enlarged cellulite

  • menstrual complaints

  • allergy

What will you gain:

  • removal of toxins

  • regulating the work of the intestines

  • strengthening the barrier of the gastric and intestinal walls

  • gives the liver a rest

  • relieves the kidneys

  • improvement of the immune system 

  • it will prepare the body for healthy weight loss and even get rid of excess weight

  • reduces body circumference

  • energy and will to live increases

  • nervousness and anxiety disappear

  • soothes allergic conditions

  • improves the appearance of the skin

  • hair and nails are strengthened

  • inflammation subsides

  • slows down the aging process

  • improves fitness and endurance

  • helps to get rid of addictions

Niebieska woda

The first step in the fight against chronic and immune diseases

  • getting rid of harmful substances

  • will fight many diseases at the root

  • the body will heal itself

When the natural balance is disturbed, the body ceases to fulfill its functions. On the one hand, the excess of harmful substances cannot be removed naturally, and on the other - the excess of poisons prevents the absorption of useful nutrients and medicinal substances.

Therefore, each holistic therapy should start with a comprehensive detoxification of the body, because the treatment of a specific disease can be effective only after cleansing the body "Unblocking".

It often happens that after thorough cleansing, a specific therapy is no longer necessary, because the cause of the disease is often based on an overload of harmful substances. And after removing them - the body heals itself.

Cleansing - yes or no?

The human body is the most wonderful, self-regulating system that strives to maintain a state of balance, or health. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_is equipped with natural mechanisms, organs and systems for this purpose. These include: liver, digestive tract, kidneys, lymphatic system, blood, lungs, skin. We also cleanse ourselves through mucous membranes and menstruation.  

In an ideal world, this system works by the book and without reservations. 

Unfortunately, we are a generation of people who have been exposed to poisonous chemicals since conception. Today's industrial development brings with it a lot of pollution. Air, household chemicals, cosmetics, food products - everything that surrounds us today is charged with dangerous toxins, the excess of which our clever system will not always cope with.

 Stress, lack of sleep, dehydration, lack of exercise, junk diet devoid of nutritional value, pathogens, chronic diseases -  all this further reduces the body's ability to effectively self-regulate._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

A vicious circle is created - toxins deepen the bad condition of the body. And the snowball is rolling by itself.

Chemical pollution of the human body is an extremely insidious enemy, operating in a highly secretive way. We can't see it, we have a hard time measuring its levels in our bodies, and it's really hard for us to determine which chemicals in common use today are responsible for specific damage, disorders, and diseases._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

"...Sunday morning... A young pregnant woman has just come out of the bath. Her body smells of fruity gel and moisturizing lotion.

He sits comfortably on a modern sofa, sips juice from a can and inhales the smell of spring from an electric air freshener.

She just finished her tuna salad... Idyllic.
Will she remember the day when, in a few years, tests confirm her malignant tumor?

When will her several-year-old son have serious learning problems?

And when her beautiful daughter with a trembling voice says "Mom - you will never become a grandmother..."

book review: 'Murder Rubber Duck' - Smith R., Lourie B. 

  • many toxins enter our body in doses higher than the minerals and vitamins required for health

  • In the umbilical cord blood of newborns, 200-300 chemical substances are detected, which should not be present, of which 2/3 of these substances cause hormonal disorders, and thus many diseases

  • A University of California study of a cohort of 75 pregnant women found that, on average, each one's blood sample tested positive for 56 chemicals. The six chemicals discovered were unknown, meaning that little is known about their effects on mother and baby in utero.

  • Toxins enter the body not only with food and urban smog, we must take into account furniture, interior finishing products, building materials, kitchen utensils, clothing, toys, cosmetics

  • MDF furniture, present in every home, contains formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen, has been linked to cancers of the nose and brain, and possibly leukemia

  • It is estimated that the average woman starts her day by applying 126 different chemicals contained in 12 different products to her face, hair and body.

  • The world's largest database of the American Chemists' Union contains as many as 50 million chemical compounds 

  • Over 350,000 chemical compounds have been registered in production and the list is extended every year. A notable finding was that the identity of many chemicals remains publicly unknown because they are considered confidential (>50,000) or ambiguously described (up to 70,000).

  • We come into contact with 72,000 chemicals a year

  • Women housekeepers or professional cleaners have a 54% higher incidence of cancer than those who work in other jobs or outsource cleaning (volatile compounds from detergents)

  • Every year we eat 2 kg of artificial food additives, dyes and preservatives

  • Cigarettes contain about 4,000 chemicals, of which 40 are officially considered carcinogenic!!

  • There is a small number of studies determining the effect of several chemical compounds on the human body at once

  •  It is estimated that more than 13 million deaths worldwide are caused by environmental pollution each year

  • About 24% of diseases are caused by avoidable environmental exposures


Prof. Theo Colborn, co-author of the book entitled "Our Stolen Future," he writes:

“A child born today will most likely have to deal with one or more of the following: ADHD, various autism spectrum disorders, learning difficulties, diabetes, obesity, childhood and adolescent cancers, genital development disorders and infertility.
To make matters worse, conditions such as breast and prostate cancer, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases have recently been added to the above list as further effects of fetal exposure to toxic chemicals."


While all of this may seem overwhelming, it doesn't mean you're completely helpless. In fact, there are many things you can do to avoid toxins and help your body eliminate them. One of the first and most important steps you can take to improve your health is to monitor your overall health.

holistic interview,
classic symptoms

I approach each client in great detail, analyzing each piece of information and examining all possible causes of the symptoms you come to me with:

  • when you suffer from constipation, flatulence, heartburn, abdominal pain

  • attempts to lose weight do not bring the expected results,

  • water is retained in the body,

  • you live in an unhealthy way,

  • you are addicted to sugar

  • you have skin problems,

  • you feel tired, irritable, you have no appetite, you often have a headache,

  • you have persistent inflammation,

  • you come into contact with chemicals on a daily basis or you are a smoker

  • you live close to factories, industrial centers, contaminated areas.

Blood tests

In diagnostic laboratories, you will find quite expensive tests that detect mainly: heavy metals in the urine (aluminum, chromium, cobalt, nickel, lead, mercury, thallium) and phenol (exposure test for polyphenols), benzoic acid (for xylene), hypuronic acid (for solvents toluene derivatives), mandelic acid (exposure to styrene), ethylene glycol. In the blood, the following can be determined: blood cell acetylcholinesterase (AChE) and choline esterase (PChE) (pesticide exposure), zincprotoporphyrin (lead exposure), thallium, vanadium, cadmium, lithium, manganese, copper, lead.


Also, a number of conventional laboratory tests, i.e. morphology and biochemistry, are affected by toxins in your body [more here ]. But let's remember that these are non-specific tests that depend on many other factors.

The tests are performed using the most sensitive quantum medicine devices currently on the market.

The high sensitivity of the devices up to 96% probability allows extremely precise determination of the causes of toxin burden, the exact place or organ burdened and the causal relationships between stimuli, symptoms, causes and deficiencies that disturb the body's balance.

Tests are also able to determine health trends in your body - in short "if you still don't change your current lifestyle, you are on your way to disease XYZ".



The method is completely

safe, painless

and perfectly tolerated.


Our Therapies

Image by Joyce McCown

Holistic consultation and individual adaptation of protocols

At the first meeting, we need to get to know each other. Learn more about the problem, lifestyle and expectations. Consultation is:

  • Holistic, in-depth interview about symptoms,

  • presentation of recommendations regarding the diet  and supplementation,

  • adjusting the frequency of treatments,

  • assessment of therapy effectiveness and expectations,

  • discussion and verification of contraindications,

  • discussion of the detoxification reaction and the so-called Herx phenomena

  • time devoted only to you and answering all your questions.



Electromedicine treatments

In the Ecomedica office, we offer many active cleansing, non-invasive and painless solutions of electromedicine and quantum physics:

LRife plasma amp

is the most advanced device, thanks to which we can damage the structure of any substance and eliminate it from the body by means of vibrations of a properly selected frequency. The therapy can also be focused on lymphatic drainage, holistic detox or 'sweep'.



PRESOTHERAPY with Far Infrared FIR mechanical dLymphatic renaissance with thermotherapy as a result of appropriate compression causes the blood to circulate better, and the lymph is pushed to the lymph nodes. The cells are nourished.


Metatherapy  /  BRT passive

is a quantum technology that makes the body better cope with detected problems, toxins and allergens, significantly accelerating the body's self-healing. It neutralizes the causal factors of organic disorders, such as: clogged lymphatic ducts, chronic stress and CNS reaction disorders. A pleasant and relaxing technique that strengthens the body's immune system and is safe even for children.


TENS bioelectrical therapy

it is the gentle currents that activate diseased cells, re-energize and recharge them. As a result, they improve tissue metabolism, faster removal of toxic metabolites and nourishment of systems.


Ion Detox

it's biocompatible, low-frequency electrical creates an ionic field that cleanses the body with the power of ions. After the session, the user feels calm, relaxed and focused. There are no harmful side effects and the process is painless, non-invasive and completely safe. 



revitalizes and strengthens to recharge, detoxify and alkalize body cells thanks to the original TimeWaver® technology. Programs  support the regeneration of the body's energy field from the bioenergetic influences of environmental pollutants, toxins, unhealthy diet and other negative conditions.


Image by Bundo Kim


Appropriate supplementation is crucial when cleansing the body.  It is also extremely importantorderprotocol steps performed.

Basesafeandeffectivepurification is to determine which food supplements and herbs are tailored directly to your needs as wellthey do not interactwith other medications you are taking. You should also choosedosepreparation itimeaccepting it.

All substances  recommended in our office come from a proven source, have internationalCertificatesquality, and their selection is based onresearch

more about supplementation

Let's remember:

There are no universal methods, because each of us is different! The role of a responsible therapist is to guide you safely and confidently through the cleansing process and to keep an eye on the progress of therapy.

Choose full

Diagnostic PACKAGE

Comprehensive scan of all organs and tissues for org burdensanism and health trends.

Parasites, toxins, hidden diseases, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Recommended daily calories. 

Designation of positively affecting products in the field of homeopathy, phytotherapy, nutraceuticals, allopathy, lithotherapy, dietetics and Bach flowers.


  • 9D NLS scan

  • Quantum health trend analysis with determination of vitamin and mineral deficiencies along with calculation of body composition BMI

  • determination of Express Scan dermatomes in overactive and underactive systems 


  • selection of supplements and protocols

  • establishing targeted frequency therapy

  • individual holistic recommendations


  • free care during the treatment regarding progress  and selection of supplements consultations via available social media channels

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with package


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with package


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🌿    10 sessions - approx. 2 hourseach

🌿    therapy4 differentdevices:

  1. Passive BRT therapy - quantum technology, which makes the body better able to cope with detected problems, toxins and allergens, significantly accelerating the body's self-healing. It neutralizes the causal factors of organic disorders, such as: clogged lymphatic ducts, chronic stress and CNS reaction disorders.

  2. PLASMOTHERAPY Rife's lampthe most advanced device, thanks to which we can damage the structure of any substance and eliminate it from the body by means of vibrations of a properly selected frequency. The therapy can also be focused on lymphatic drainage, holistic detox or 'sweep'.

  3. PRESOTHERAPY with Far Infrared FIRmechanical dLymphatic renaissance with thermotherapy as a result of appropriate compression causes the blood to circulate better, and the lymph is pushed to the lymph nodes. The cells are nourished.

  4. Ionic DETOX -biocompatible, low-frequency electrical creates an ionic field that cleanses the body with the power of ions.


🌿 almost 20 hours of CLEANSING and REGENERATION


  + freebasicsupplementation recommendationaccording to research-based package needs.


PLN 1,650


PLN 1,000


w pakiecie





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