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Man is bombarded with toxins on all sides ... on the other hand, he is still malnourished, because in today's agricultural products it is 10 times less valuable than a dozen years ago. It follows that we eat a lot of empty calories without giving the body what is important to maintain its homeostasis. This leads straight to health disorders and obesity.

A comprehensive and non-invasive method of the Quantum Analyzer that allows you to quickly determine the nutritional needs of every human being. It identifies excesses or shortages in more than 44 thematic catalogs.

It also performs anthropometric measurements (eg BMI) to help determine the treatment and the method of regeneration of the human body. These tests are used in the broadly understood health prophylaxis, and thanks to the information obtained, the client can more effectively take care of the condition of his body by implementing an appropriate diet or supplementation, allowing to supplement the detected deficiencies.

Thanks to the analysis, we know which body systems we should take care of and directs what additional tests should be performed and whether and to which specialist we should additionally report.

Interesting facts

~ Poles most often indicate that they eat too little fish (60%), and - less often - rice, groats (29%), fruit (23%) and vegetables (18%). On the other hand, the products consumed by them in excess include sweets (33%), coffee (27%), sweetened beverages (17%), as well as bread and other flour products (16%).

~ Only one cup of sweet yoghurt contains 6 sugar cubes!


What is this test for? 

The purpose of this research is to make people aware of the validity of a lifestyle change and to strive for full health through health advice and information. Based on the analysis of the reports, we provide the client with individually selected recommendations for improvement  condition and efficiency of the body. They concern, inter alia, choosing the right natural nutrients, natural supplements, suggestions for changing your lifestyle. We can propose a change of the current diet and healthy substitutes in the kitchen. We can recommend additional medical examinations and an appointment with a doctor of a given specialization.

We should remember, however, that the results from the analyzer give general information on which area of the body should be deeply interested in, but in combination with an interview and knowledge about health, it can serve as a helpful tool for the therapist.  


When is this test for you?

  • you are looking for a way to confirm your feelings that your body is not functioning like  should

  • you have health problems that you don't know how to deal with

  • you need mobilization and help to change your life

  • you are interested in expert recommendations tailored for deviations from the norm of your layouts  

  • you want to know a professional analysis of the composition and form of your body and BMI,

  • you want to know the target weight, fat and muscle correction  

  • you want to know your body's basic metabolism level (kcal / day)

Reports generated by the Quantum engine:

  • The circulatory system and cerebral vessels

  • Functions of the digestive tract

  • Liver functions

  • Bowel functions

  • Functions of the gallbladder

  • Functions of the pancreas

  • Kidney functions

  • Lung functions

  • Brain functions

  • Bone structure

  • Bone mineral density

  • Rheumatoid bone diseases

  • Bone Growth Index

  • Blood sugar

  • Trace elements

  • Vitamin levels

  • Amino acid level

  • Coenzyme level

  • Fatty acids

  • Endocrine system

  • The immune system

  • Thyroid

  • Toxins

  • Heavy metals

  • General physical condition of the body

  • Allergens

  • Obesity

  • Skin

  • Eye functions

  • Collagen in the body

  • Pulse of the heart and cerebral vessels

  • Blood lipids

  • Prostate (M)

  • Gynecology (K)

  • Male reproductive function (M)

  • Breasts (K)

  • Sperm and sperm (M)

  • Menstrual cycle (K)

Child report (up to 10 years old):

  • Trace elements

  • Vitamins

  • Amino acids

  • Coenzymes

  • fatty acid

  • ADHD


  • Body composition BMI

  • Professional analyzes

  • Summary of analyzes

  • Comprehensive assessment with expert recommendations

How does it work:

Quantum analyzer operating on the principles of magnetic bioresonance. It is based on quantum medicine and scientific mathematical analysis.  The functioning of cells and their assemblies can be described by means of electric fields and currents. All processes are loads that move in an orderly manner. Because the body's own vibrations are electromagnetic in nature, they can be picked up from the surface of the skin and, using a special electrode, compared with specific patterns recorded in the device's program.

The test involves the analysis of low-frequency electromagnetic waves emitted by the cells of the human body using a sensor held in the patient's hand. The obtained results are computerized,  mathematical comparative analysis  with the base  10,000 to 40,000 patterns saved in the camera firmware. The purpose of the program is to search, find, tune, compare with the pattern, calculate the differences between the pattern record and the reading from our body.

The key factor in this method is to provide the appropriate weight, height, age and sex, thanks to which the mathematical analysis of the probability of matching the analyzed data to the existing patterns is more accurate. The measurement technique is very simple, non-invasive and painless.

The customer receives a legible printout with deviations from the standard with the recommendations of experts.

The course of the test:

At the beginning, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire to check possible contraindications for the test.  It is recommended that during the test there are no unnecessary interference-causing devices in the room  electromagnetic or were turned off, for example, a mobile phone (it certainly cannot be directly next to your body). Preferably before the test itself  drink a glass of water .

We provide the necessary data (height, weight, date of birth). We calm down, balance our heart rate and breath,  we take the electrode in hand and measure it.  


  • pregnant or breastfeeding women

  • people with a pacemaker

  • people with metal implants

  • epilepsy

  • insulin pump

  • not recommended during menstruation

We always consult the appropriateness of a test prior to use if you have a serious medical condition or are using prescription medications.

How to prepare:

  • measure your height, check your weight (required data for the program)

  • the day before, do not drink alcohol and do not take stimulants

  • the day before, do not eat heavy meals

  • stay well hydrated

  • do not drink coffee, tea, energy drinks on the day of the examination

  • on the day of the examination, do not take supplements, but be sure to take all medications prescribed by your doctor for main and coexisting diseases!

  • We do not eat a meal at least 3 hours before the measurement

  •   after exercise or when you are nervous, your test results may be distorted

  • we take off all metal decorations etc.


30-60 minutes


100 zloty

Reservation:  Individual results will vary.  

Consult a therapist before use if you have a serious medical condition or are on prescription medications.  

The test is not a medical test, it does not exempt from performing analytical tests or taking medications  or supplements ordered by a doctor in specialized health care facilities. The services described herein are not intended by law to treat or prevent any disease. Devices within the meaning of the Act of May 20, 2010. on Medical Devices DZ.U.NR.107 Pos. 679 A as amended are not medical devices. These devices are analytical and measuring devices and may be used at the operator's own responsibility, and the Distributor and Manufacturers are not responsible for the effects of tests and therapies. 


NLS 9D Diagnostics


Healy Resonance analysis


Preparation test

on the body

(drug, supplement, allergen)


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