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Support for athletes


Many people regularly practice sport, seeing it as a healthy balance to their often tiring everyday life or professional life.

Let yourself be additionally supported during slimming, building muscle mass, regenerating, relaxing or exercising, building fitness and taking care of the circulatory system.

Strengthen your efforts and ensure lasting success with appropriate supplementation and electromedicine programs. Cleanse, nourish and regenerate your body to make it better every day. 

3 pillars of a holistic athlete's life:
🌿  ​body detox  🌿
🌿  cell regeneration  🌿
🌿  nutrient balancing   🌿


It is known that in order to achieve the set sports goals, you need to exercise regularly and intensively. However, it is not the training itself that affects our form and what our figure will look like. There are also other aspects that many novice athletes forget about. 
Physical stress seriously changes the metabolism and vital activity of the body. Athletes need more nutrients and vitamins, rest and full sleep. Bones and joints experience increased stress. Metabolism accelerates, the need for fluids increases.
In order to safely and healthily enter a sports lifestyle, it is worth taking care of 3 important matters for the body:



Detox is more than just a diet trend - it isa critical component of sports performance.


Every day we are bombarded with harmful chemicals from all sides. Toxins accumulate in our bodies, making us feel bloated, suffer from excess weight, muscle pain and chronic fatigue.

It should be remembered that during increased effort, the human body produces a large amount of free radicals and unnecessary metabolites. 

Properly performed detox can lead to a huge physical improvement. What is important is on without cutting calories or protein so it has no negative impact on performance and building muscle mass.

A cleansed body can work more efficiently, rest better, regenerate faster. 


The average person needs only enough vitamins for his body to function normally and perform basic activities.The athlete often lives 2-3 times more intensively,often undertaking extreme strength or aerobic efforts. It is therefore exposed to deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Therefore, when we want to build muscle mass, we must take into account that more of these ingredients will be needed for anabolic processes. When it comes to supplementation, it is highly recommended regardless of the type of sports discipline practiced. 

Appropriate supplementation improves results, gives a competitive advantage, strengthens strength, endurance and speed, and strengthens faster achievement of nutritional goals.


Regular physical activity should always be followed by a rebuilding and recovery phase.

We use frequencies to measure and balance the energy in the body to optimize cellular health. Then, in collaboration with proper hydration, mineral and nutrient balancing, lymphatic drainage, and bio-electromagnetic wave therapy, your body is encouraged to regenerate cells.

Microcurrents increase ATP production in cells by 500

This makes your body immune to loads that cause interference or damage.

Electromedicine supports regeneration, immunity, strengthens strength and regulates body weight.

What gives bioresonance and electromagnetic therapies for athletes:

  • Increased productionATP by up to 500%which increases the energy in the cell

  • Increasedprotein synthesis by up to 70%which causes faster reconstruction of the body's structures

  • Increased transportationamino acids by up to 40% - is a building block necessary for protein synthesis.

  • Accelerationregeneration after sports injuries by up to 50%which means that you can get back to full activity in just a few weeks, not months.

  • Faster recovery from overtraining and other sports injuries without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.

  • Help in the case of allergies, food intolerances and all kinds of acute viral and bacterial infections - frequent culprits, weakening of the body.

  • Non-pharmacological and non-invasive methodstreatment of painthanks to electrical stimulation and reducing pain sensitivity

  • Regenerates peripheral nerve damage

  • Accelerated healing effect and is used for prophylaxisanti-swelling and anti-inflammatory

  • Electrostimulationprevents muscle wastingandprepares muscles for work 

  • It is also very goodtraining weakened muscles

  • It affectsimprovement of metabolismtissues by improvingblood supply, nourishment

  • Cells remove metabolites faster, thanks to which it increases processescleansing the body


The use of bioresonance therapy to correct the syndrome of an overtrained athlete

V. A. Badtieva, V. I. Pavlov, M. N. Khochlovai, V. A. Pachin 

PMID: 30499486

Entry: Physical overload causes the development of pathological changes in organs and systems, and thus causes their dysfunction. This leads to disadaptation, vegetative imbalance and disorders of the cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and other systems. All of these changes taken together give rise to overtraining syndrome. In this context, a pathogenetically justified method of therapy seems to be the most appropriate for the treatment of this condition, based on non-invasive physiotherapeutic interventions aimed at correcting the physiological characteristics and psycho-emotional state of patients. One such method is bioresonance therapy (BRT).

Target: The aim of the study was to assess the impact of bioresonance therapy (BRT) on the health of athletes with overtraining syndrome.

Material and methods: The study involved 60 athletes with overtraining syndrome. They were divided into two groups, each consisting of 30 people of similar age, gender, sports and athletic qualifications. Group I consisted of 30 athletes who underwent bioresonance therapy. Group II (control) included athletes who received placebo treatments (i.e. treatments using a malfunctioning device). All athletes were examined before and after treatment by clinical and instrumental methods.

Results: Studies have shown that the use of bioresonance therapy significantly increases the parasympathetic influence on the heart rhythm, reduces the pressure on the central contour of its regulation, contributes to the "economization" of heart activity; antihypertensive (more specifically in relation to systolic blood pressure (SBP)), acts to normalize blood pressure (BP) variability in patients with baseline BP instability, and significantly reduces the time index due to blood pressure monitoring; in addition, BRT normalizes the circadian rhythm of BP and corrects the rate of the morning increase in diastolic blood pressure (DBP).

Conclusion: Bioresonance therapy can be considered as a method of correcting the overtraining syndrome in athletes with increased activity of the sympathetic nervous system.

Our Therapy

Image by Joyce McCown

Holistic consultation and individual adaptation of protocols

At the first meeting, we need to get to know each other. Learn more about your body, lifestyle and expectations. Consultation is:

  • Holistic, in-depth interview about symptoms,

  • presentation of dietary recommendations i  supplementation,

  • adjusting the frequency of treatments,

  • assessment of therapy effectiveness and expectations,

  • overview iverification of contraindications,
    will discuss in detail the so-called Herx phenomena,

  • time devoted only to you and answering all your questions.



In the Ecomedica office, we offer many active, non-invasive and painless electromedicine and quantum physics solutions:

Rife's plasma lamp

is the most advanced device, thanks to which we can damage the structure of any substance and eliminate it from the body by means of vibrations of a properly selected frequency. The therapy can also be focused on lymphatic drainage, holistic detox or 'sweep'. The energy field created by the machine also helps to normalize tissue function by activating life-giving electrons in the body. They help e.g. reduce the number of free radicals in the system, thus relieving inflammation.



is a quantum technology where the energy system of the body is modified, which greatly facilitates and accelerates recovery, recovery from addiction, treatment of allergies or chronic pain, accelerating the body's self-healing. It neutralizes the causal factors of organic disorders, such as: clogged lymphatic ducts, chronic stress and CNS reaction disorders. A pleasant and relaxing technique that strengthens the body's immune system and is safe even for children.


TENS bioelectrical therapy

the most popular methods of physiotherapy and non-pharmacological and non-invasive pain treatment, muscle and nerve regeneration. The currents also activate sick cells, re-energize and recharge them. As a result, they improve tissue metabolism, faster removal of toxic metabolites and nourishment of systems.


Detox Ionic Hydrosauna 

it's biocompatible, low-frequency electrical creates an ionic field that cleanses and purifies the body with the power of ions. After the session, the user feels calm, relaxed and focused. There are no harmful side effects and the process is painless, non-invasive and completely safe. 



revitalizes and strengthens to recharge, detoxify and alkalize body cells thanks to the original TimeWaver® technology. Programy  support the regeneration of the body's energy field. Healy Fitness programs focus on holistic, bioenergetic support of four core areas: muscle, performance, weight and relaxation.


Image by Bundo Kim

Cleansing, nourishing and regenerating

Appropriate supplementation improves results, gives a competitive advantage, strengthens strength, endurance and speed, and strengthens faster achievement of nutritional goals.

A cleansed body can work more efficiently, rest better, regenerate faster. 

Regular physical activity should always be followed by a rebuilding and recovery phase.

Appropriate supplementation is crucial for the athlete's body.  The sequence and time of taking supplements as well as their safety and effectiveness confirmed by scientific research are extremely important.

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