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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you are a new customer, we encourage you to read the information contained herein.

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What is bioresonance?

Resonance is the process by which a field of a certain frequency or wavelength can transfer vibrational energy from one object to another. The phenomenon of resonance lies at the heart of the physical world. 

Bioresonance is a sensitive and non-invasive technology for assessing health burden  and a safe and effective method to help restore the body's homeostasis.

Today's technology has its origins in the 1970s in Germany and has since evolved to a very sophisticated level in its current state. It is based on the premise that it all comes down to vibrational frequencies. We are all made up of cells, and billions of atoms vibrate in each cell. Each cell in the body resonates at a specific frequency, which takes the form of an electromagnetic field. Groups of cells in an organ or system have multiple frequency patterns that are unique and harmonious with the larger system that is the whole body.


Can bioresonance replace conventional medicine?

The simple answer is:NO! A properly trained therapists would never encourage a patient to ignore medical advice. 

Let's remember! Bioresonance is a branch of complementary medicine that is used together with academic medicine and never excludes it! Complementary medicine can help you add some therapies, supplements, or adapt a healthy lifestyle to your regular treatment plan. But it shouldn't replace any part of your regular treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy) with anything else. If, after the introduced changes, there are positive changes - it is the attending physician who decides to regulate or discontinue the current, leading treatment.


What side effects are observed in the case of bioresonance?

Frequency therapy has been used safely and effectively for over 30 years and has helped thousands of people.

Thanks to regulatory therapy, such as bioresonance, the body receives an impulse to which it should react. The right impulse triggers a chain of biochemical reactions in the body that activate the body's self-healing capabilities to take countermeasures against the cause of the disorder. An invalid impulse has no or minimal effect. Consequently, if the bioresonance method is used correctly, it is almost impossible to produce an undesirable effect.

Side effects in a conversational medical sense have not been observed by bioresonance therapists so far i although many clients feel great after treatment, bioresonance therapy stimulates the body's own detoxification process and detoxification symptoms may occur.

Post-treatment side effects may be an initial exacerbation of primary immune responses. They are found in all methods of regulatory therapy, commonly called herks or die-off effect, these are also reactions found in some diseases to a large amount of bacterial toxin.

Reactions such as this, where the patient's condition worsens, usually subside within a day or two, but may last longer in isolated cases (e.g. often in Lyme disease). 

Therefore, it is not unusual for the symptoms of chronic diseases not to improve continuously, but rather the condition to change somewhat at the beginning. At this stage, the therapist and the client may need patience.

People with autoimmune disorders should approach therapy with caution as they are often prone to overreacting. 


Patients should not undergo bioresonance therapy during the first three months of pregnancy for legal reasons. According to the book, the entire period of pregnancy is a contraindication.

For allergy sufferers: no test, neither conventional medicine nor energetic bioresonance allergy test, can predict with 100% certainty whether exposure to an allergen will trigger a reaction in a patient or not. Customers with allergies should always carry emergency medications with them as a precaution.


What is the Herxheimer Reaction? herx?

The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (otherwise the Herxheimer reaction or the Łukasiewicz-Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction), popularly known as the Herx or the die-off effect, is a reaction of the body to a large amount of bacterial toxin secreted in some diseases (including, for example, Lyme disease). It occurs in response to successful treatment of Lyme disease, when dying bacteria secrete harmful substances (toxins) that poison the body. Herx is present in all Gram-negative bacterial infections when appropriately treated, and in addition to some Gram-positive bacterial infections.

The good news is that herxheimer is thought to indicate that the treatment is well-chosen and is actually working, and that any worsening can lead to greater improvement. However, the lack of a Herxheimer's reaction should not be a cause for concern if symptoms improve. The Herks reaction is calledrecovery crisis. The effectiveness of the treatment, however, is primarily evidenced by the reduction in the severity of herks over time. If the Herxheimer reaction is too strong, then the frequency of therapy should be reduced, but the treatment should not be changed, because it is the most accurate. 

What are the symptoms of the Herxheimer reaction: fever, chills, feeling of sudden cold, weakness, headaches, joint and muscle pain, pain in the eyes, teeth, face and skull bones, swollen eyelids, itching, skin rashes, sweating also at night, catarrh nose, cough, sore throat, back pain, neck stiffness and pain, heart problems, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, temporary loss of memory, inability to concentrate, difficulty speaking, hypersensitivity to sounds and smells, dizziness, balance problems, vomiting, tingling of the skin, numbness, the impression of temporary paralysis of various parts of the body, including the muscles of the face or neck, painful cramps in the muscles of the feet and calves, swollen hands, bruises, heavy legs, heavy head, insomnia, anxiety, even very deep depression.

How to deal with herks?

The main thing - drink plenty of fluids, which flushes out toxins. Cistus, activated charcoal, zeolites, vitamin C and even green tea will also help. Frequent (up to 2 times a day) hot showers, hydrosauna and infrared sauna also work well. Sports, massage and other treatments that help cleanse the body of toxins faster are also helpful.


Does frequency therapy help everyone and with all disorders?

There is no medical method in the world that will help everyone. Man is not a machine that works according to technically repeatable rules. Each person is an individual and disease should be treated as a largely multifactorial product of physical, mental and social circumstances. Completely destroyed or missing organs and tissues cannot be reconstructed by any method, not even by bioresonance. Deficiencies in enzymes, vitamins and nutrients must also be supplied physically. However, if responsive tissue is still the determining factor, it is often possible to improve the client's condition through bioresonance.

Severe psychological trauma cannot be treated with bioresonance either, but it can be helped with relaxation frequencies. Difficult childhood, abuse, traumatic events and chronic frustration can trigger the disease or encourage it or make it difficult to heal. Appropriate psychosomatics, adaptogenic strengthening of the nerves and brain with appropriate supplementation and relaxation therapy can help. The success of therapy depends to a large extent on the psychological attitude of the person concerned and other psychological and social factors. Many therapists combine the bioresonance method with other conventional medical and naturopathic methods of therapy. A sensitive therapeutic discussion can often work wonders! 

Experienced therapists report an 80 to 90% success rate. Unfortunately, one customer out of nine or ten cannot be helped. Every otherwise good practice has its share of failures. All therapists must learn to deal with this.

The reason for the failure of the therapy may be the client's lack of cooperation with the therapist, an undiscovered or untreated block of physical or psychological therapy, an undiscovered allergen or pathogen.


Do our diagnostics and frequency therapies hurt?

NO. Diagnostics and therapy in our office  is completely safe, non-invasive and painless.


I'm already taking medication. Can I continue my current treatment?

Yes. There is no need to stop taking medications prescribed by your doctor. Our goal is to complement your treatment to help you recover faster. The goal is to allow your body to take a natural course towards self-healing.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on the complexity and how long you have had the health problem. Clients generally experience relief and symptoms subside after a few sessions. However, some require more time if the problem turns out to be complex.

Let's take care of health together!

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