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The Healy is like a Thermomix. 22 reasons.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Surely you've noticed people at the gym or running in the park with a small, mysteriously flashing, white cube attached to their shirt. Or have you heard that your neighbors are "wearing" Healy during flu season?

Nothing unusual. The Healy device is becoming more and more popular as a holistic alternative to medicines and many people can no longer imagine their lives without it, just like without Thermomix in the kitchen. And although many may be surprised at first, there are many similarities between these two devices. Thanks to the thermomix, cooking is quick, simple and pleasant. Healy, on the other hand, is a home, simple and intuitive electromedicine device to help our health in a natural way.

Both - easy to use and make life easier. Reliable, as befits German technology. In addition, they enjoy a large number of "followers", and whoever has one of these devices - is now becoming trendy.

Find out more why Healy compares to the famous Thermomix:

Health - probably the most important thing in the world nowadays. - When health is lacking, wisdom cannot manifest itself, art cannot manifest itself, strength cannot be exercised, wealth is useless, and reason is powerless. - The father of anatomy, Herophilos, used to say in ancient times. I The fact is that we are able to do a lot and sacrifice even more to maintain our health and that of our loved ones, and even more to regain it.

The cult of health is growing nowadays, because our lifestyle requires it from us. Always beautiful and young. Unfortunately, we don't always have time to take care of ourselves with due attention.

Then all kinds of gadgets and technical innovations come to our aid, which facilitate and shorten numerous pro-health activities: massage mats, food supplements, body shaping machines, box diets, thermomix in the kitchen and the intuitive device for home bioresonance Healy.

Healy is a unique wearable device for the holistic improvement of health, well-being and vitality. Bioresonance is becoming more and more popular every year because it is effective, and sometimes the only method that leads us out of difficult disease states.

22 reasons why Healy is becoming as popular as the kitchen thermomix:

1. Innovation

Healy, like Thermomix, is German technological thought. The owner and CEO of Healy World is the inventor of the TimeWaver system, Marcus Schmieke. TimeWaver offers full-size, professional devices for holistic surgeries. Healy, on the other hand, is a mobile version of the device, which is small but offers the same healing benefits as a larger unit. Dr Nuno Nina , a very famous Portuguese researcher and practitioner, to whom people from all over the world come for treatment , also contributed to the creation of Healy programs .

2. Reliability

A team of experienced programmers and engineers guarantees the high level of our products. Healy is a high-quality product developed and manufactured in Germany that meets or exceeds all quality and safety requirements. Healy was created in cooperation with doctors. Therefore, many valuable suggestions and experiences from practice could be used to create Healy.

First of all , it is a medical device registered in Germany in EU IIa class with strict legal conditions that must be met on that medical market. It has approvals and scientific research in the direction of proven action as a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, bone pain and migraine, as well as for the complementary therapy of mental diseases such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

3. International quality

Healy™ technology is used in over 50 countries. More and more specialists in classical medicine are convinced of the operation of this device, since over 2,500 registered medical doctors use Healy technology on a daily basis. Over 50 million Healy technology applications have already been made.

4. Effectiveness

First and foremost - it works. Currents with specific frequencies have been used by doctors and scientists for decades. The safety of this method has been proven in numerous studies and over decades of practical use, as confirmed by thousands of applications by our own physicians.

If you've heard a bit about mitochondrial medicine or cell energy, the point is that each of our cells must be charged with a certain energy. If not, it ceases to fulfill its functions, grows old or dies. Fatigue, lack of concentration, inflammation, tumors... It's all chemistry and physics!!

And as in thermomix - some recipes come out great - electrifying effects obtained with little effort .. The whole family is delighted! So fast - so good! others are less noticeable, while others require more time and extras to achieve full success. However, each result is tangible.

5. Intuitive

The Healy device is so intuitive that you only need to know how to use your own phone to use it. (And at this point it surpasses even thermomix with its innovation ;). You install the application, pair the Healy device with your phone, select the program in the application on the basis of "what hurts me today" "what needs to be strengthened" and Healy automatically sets the time and tunes the frequency to you. Of course, you're in charge - and you can adjust the power as you see fit.

And if you are worried that you might miss something - the company sends an extensive manual (probably in every language of the world).

6. No specialist knowledge required

As I have already pointed out in the point above, just as you do not need to complete a cooking school for Thermomix, you do not need to be a natural medicine specialist to operate Healy. You don't even need to know any bioresonance principles to have Healy at home. Frequencies are selected and adjusted automatically by the device to your health problem.

On the other hand, a nice option of Healy is the ability to download each individual program to your device, which will be created by a specialist operating the "mother device", i.e. Timewaver. Including programs for parasites, bacteria, viruses and numerous diseases.

7. Size

Size that matters. After buying a thermomix, I literally threw out a whole box of kitchen appliances from the kitchen! It's as if the kitchen got a new countertop and since then I've only washed one pot.

I think this is also the coolest advantage of Healy. As an informodiagnostician, I operate many electromedicine devices. Some I have to carry in parts twice if I need to move them to another room. Of course, in this case, I'm not going to pack them in a box, these come in handy all the time. Healy, on the other hand, is super small and handy! Due to the fact that the constructors in a very clever way deprived it of all the buttons and control knobs and replaced them with your own phone, it can be so compact. You will take them everywhere and always use them! Travel, hand luggage. Wow! In addition, you attach it to a T-shirt and, almost invisible, it can work for your health in any situation. WOW for me!

8. Multitasking

Multitasking is the basic advantage of 21st century devices. Thermomix chops, cooks, stews and grinds... cooks all the food of the world. Healy helps with hundreds of different health problems and is based on western and eastern medicine. Bioresonance, electromedicine, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine ... everyone will find something helpful in their area of ​​interest.

9. Well Organized

In TM we have a division into dishes, tags into dishes. So that everyone can choose only what they need, the Healy programs are also divided into groups:

  • Golden cycle - a set of universal programs for bioenergetic harmonization

  • Pain / Psyche - medical treatment of pain and psychological support

  • Sleep - help in maintaining healthy sleep

  • Work - mobilizes, concentrates and calms at work

  • Skin - helps in faster regeneration of scars and wounds

  • Learning - Healy helps you stay focused when you really need it.

  • Fitness - harmonizes the body

  • Beauty - for inner and outer beauty

  • Meridians - improves the flow of your life energy according to TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Chakras - to help you activate and harmonize your energy centers by Ayurveda

  • Bioenergetic balance - individual organs and systems

  • Protective programs - reduces the negative impact on your bioenergetic field

  • Natural Cycle - Align your body, mind and spirit with the natural cycles of the sun, moon and earth!

And many smaller additional programs.

10. For the whole family

Adults and older children can enjoy the full benefits of Healy, connected to cables or the ankle itself. We can leave only the cube on clothes for small, mobile children (despite the lack of cables, we can set it to 100% - there will be an effect) or buy a small gadget - Healy Coil - which gives a strengthening effect to the basic box and thanks to that we do not have to use cables.

Not only that, the passive resonance created by Healy works great for small organisms and seniors, strengthening their immune system and increasing the vitality to fight the disease and act.

Anyone who can run applications on a phone can operate Healy. Healy can run on any of the smartphones and tablets in your home. All you need to do is enter the ID stored on the back of the device in the application or scan the dedicated QR code.

I don't know if you know that Healy can also be used for your pets and farm animals. Pets and plants can also benefit from MagHealy applications.

11. Saves time

How does Healy save time? If you are planning to go for bioresonance treatments ... then think about the time of travel, time spent in the office, return ... And what if you could sit at your own home, work and do what you planned. Work, lie on your couch, spend time with your family?

Secondly, some programs are 20 minutes long. Even just that much time you need to support your health.

12. You can take it anywhere

One of the ideas behind creating Healy was to be able to wear it anytime, anywhere. The mobile nature of the Healy device allows the user to use the device at any time and in a convenient place. With the addition of Healy Coil it becomes even easier, you can run, dance and be anywhere you want during the session. Small, handy, compatible with any smartphone, it has become a portable holistic medicine office, just like the thermomix on vacation becomes your mini kitchen.

13. Helpful Apps

In the era of smartphones, everything is based on applications. Thermomix has its cookidoo. Healy has created several of them. In addition to the basic application that syncs with the device, we also have HealAdvisor Search, a kind of automatic diagnostic that recommends to users the programs that are most useful for a given person. The Digital Nutrition app recommends the food your body needs and the appropriate Healy IMF programs that contain the resonance frequencies of the relevant substances to harmonize the bioenergetic field. The HealAdvisor Animal module contains 12 of the most popular programs of personalized microcurrent frequencies (IMF) for animals. You can also connect your Healy device to the HealAdvisor cloud.

14. Useful extras

Thermomix has many great additions thanks to which we use the basic device even more efficiently and effectively. From time to time, thanks to customer comments and market demand, new ones are invented. It's the same with Healy.

The main and most fascinating product is the aforementioned Healy - a mobile device for frequency therapy with its programs. It communicates with your cells and finds the right - at the moment - frequency. A nice addition is the previously mentioned Healy Coil, which allows you to transmit Healy frequencies wirelessly!

There is also Healy Watch - a watch that measures heart rate, heart rate variability, i.e. the so-called HRV, ECG with the assessment of parameters, e.g. the length of individual segments, blood pressure, with the function of warning about health risks, monitoring of physical activity, pedometer, calorie expenditure, sleep length, sleep quality, i.e. the number of REM phases, selects nutrition to your health and vitamins or minerals you need, plans physical activities, takes care of weight control and the level of relaxation. It gives important suggestions in the application to compensate for the disturbances it has measured.

MagHealy is for harmony in your environment. It energizes your body, your environment and drinking water. It helps to relax and enliven the environment, it emits quantum-analyzed frequencies. You can take them anywhere and use them anytime. MagHealy helps to harmonize the environment by emitting a magnetic field. Pets and plants can also benefit from MagHealy applications.

The HealAdvisor Animal module contains 12 of the most popular programs of personalized microcurrent frequencies (IMF) for animals. The Pet Kit contains tapes, straps and other accessories to enable the Healy Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs of the HealAdvisor Animal module to be applied to animals.

15. Expert support

You can use Healy to connect with experts who use the HealAdvisor Cloud. Of course, you will only be connected to the cloud if you request it and have enabled it in the Healy app. The same applies to the download of personalized microcurrent frequency (IMF) programs via the Healy app. Healy experts will help you use the potential of IMF Healy.

16. Doctor Google retires

Since the Thermomix appears in the house, Google goes away. You will find all the recipes in the device. It's the same with Healy . When you have a health problem, you don't search Google for thousands of natural solutions to a given problem, you just click on the corresponding program in the Healy a