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Review: Is Healy World is a legal opportunity to earn good money? What is Healy?

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

Welcome to the Healy World review!

We will check what is the holistic Healy device? Is Healy World, one of the fastest growing

companies in the network marketing industry in the past 10 years, it a scam? And how does the Healy wonderful device work?

I am also going to research and review information about the company, products, compensation plan and what exactly is the frequency therapy they are proposing.

At first, I searched websites. Network marketing experts say on the web sounds optimistic:

“Look, I made millions of dollars in network marketing and was really enjoying my early retirement.

But what I have to say about Healy World is that I was very impressed and very excited about the possibilities Healy offers. In addition, it fits every aspect of what I am looking for in the company ... "

Healy World - What's This?

“..Healy World is a company that offers one of the best products I have ever tried that helped ease the pain from a knee injury I had many years ago. ''

And in fact, the Healy device, which I test, turns out to be working great. The migraine, which had not been relieved by painkillers in the past, and I could only lie in a quiet and dark room, went away after less than 22 minutes of therapy. Miracles?

Exactly, what is Healy?

Healy offers frequency therapy that provides amazing benefits for chronic disease, body balance, weight control, sleep aid, pain relief, and more.

First of all, it is a medical device registered in Germany in EU class IIa with stringent legal conditions that must be met on that medical market. It has approvals and scientific research for proven performance as a medical device for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, bone pain and migraine, as well as for complementary therapy of mental diseases such as depression, anxiety and related sleep disorders.

As for the very opportunity to earn money from it, Healy World also offers the MLM Multi-Level Marketing option, which gives you the opportunity to share and sell the product and the opportunity to earn a large monthly income as extra work from home.

Healy User Reviews:

What can we learn from a survey of Healy users:

Healy User Reviews:

Best money spent in my life! Or rather, money invested. I feel better, the pains are gone and my concentration and memory have improved. I work more efficiently and have more time for my hobbies! Filip, 35 years old

I am very pleased! Even though I'm only after 45 days - this Healy device has already exceeded my expectations. The improvement in my health that I gained over those 6 weeks has already changed my quality of life drastically for the better. Agnieszka, 56 years old

It is very easy to implement changes with Healy, because the device works in a very practical way, intuitively selecting programs and in addition in such a small, handy version. A very nice idea that I hope will change not only my life, but many people who will benefit from it. Bartek, 31

Healy changed our lives. This is our first "way" when we need any kind of treatment, be it pain or stress in our body, fatigue, digestive upset, calming the children's nervous system or increasing their ability to overcome local viruses, etc. I was skeptical. on MLM setup and never planned on selling online but sold 3 in the first month of using it just genuinely sharing my stories and inspiring others. For me, it gave me a solution to problems that I didn't have before. Now that we have Healy, I feel much more confident and can take care of myself and my family.


Sounds very promising as a product.

The next questions we want to answer are:

Is Healy World A Scam Is A Legal Opportunity To Make Extra Money?

This is one of the questions everyone wants to know answered, as I mentioned earlier. Based on my online observations and experiences, I think that:

No, Healy World is not a scam !!

The company offers all the requirements you need to be a successful company in this market:

  • Professional and experienced owners

  • One of the most amazing products I have tested and the reviews I have found about it on the Internet

  • Honest and amazing compensation plan

  • Great overall business structure for long term growth

  • Long-term company (since 2008)

One of the best things I really like about this company is how much research and learning has gone into creating the Healy product.

But most importantly, I tried Healy myself and it just works.

So no, Healy World is not a scam , it is a real company with an amazing product.

Informations about company

One thing I like to see browsing any business on the internet that gives you the opportunity to earn money selling a product and building a sales team is who owns it.

To understand what Healy World is all about, we must first focus our research on TimeWaver.

TimeWaver is the company that started the product movement of Healy and has attracted the attention of so many people.

TimeWaver offers a full-size, large device that you can't carry and take with you. The Healy, on the other hand, is a mobile version of the device that is small but offers the same healing benefits as the larger unit.

Healy World is owned and CEO by Marcus Schmieke.

He is also the inventor and developer of the TimeWaver / Healy system.

In 2007, he developed the first TimeWaver system together with the Russian physicist Nikolai Kozyrev and the work of Burkhard Heim.

Here are some of Marcus's achievements:

  • He has developed further professional medical systems for measuring heart rate variability and information field focused frequency therapy, all of which are based on his achievements in information field technology.

  • He has also written over 20 books on the connection of mind and matter and other spiritual and scientific topics.

  • He is the founder of the Institute for Applied Consciousness Research (IACR) in Berlin, where together with several international physicists he studies the interactions between matter and consciousness.

  • For several years he was visiting professor at Dev Sanskriti University in Haridwar, India.

Currently, Marcus works and lives in his Kränzlin Castle near Berlin.

This is all the information we can find at a glance about the company and some of the owner's fascinating achievements.

The management team also includes: Frank Deyle - Chief Sales Officer Healy World Martin Wittmann - Chief Product Officer Healy World

Another man with extraordinary visions contributed to the creation of Healy:

Nuno Nina is a Portuguese researcher and practitioner. Nuno runs seven private clinics, most of them in Portugal. His main interests are frequency applications and cell biology.

Nuno's experience with thousands of clients has enabled him to compile theories and findings from his research into a collection of 144,000 so-called "golden frequencies". When he first encountered TimeWaver technology years ago, he immediately suggested combining it with frequency capabilities to create something greater than the sum of its parts.

And that's how Healy was born.

What Products Does Healy World Offer?

In this part of the review, we take a look at the products that Healy World offers.

The main and most fascinating product I have come across for a long time is the aforementioned Healy - a mobile frequency therapy device. It communicates with your cells and finds the appropriate - at the moment - frequency.

There is also Healy Watch. is a watch that measures your heart rate, heart rate variability, i.e. HRV, ECG with parameter evaluation, e.g. length of individual segments, blood pressure, with health warning function, monitoring of physical activity, pedometer, calorie expenditure, sleep duration, sleep quality, i.e. the number of REM phases, adjusts nutrition to your health condition and vitamins or minerals you need, plans physical activity, takes care of weight control and the level of relaxation. He gives important suggestions in the application to compensate for the disorders he has measured.

What is Healy?

The Healy device offers applications that help you keep fit, bioenergetically regenerate, reduce pain, improve concentration, affect your skin, cleanse the body. Its task is to support you in stressful situations during the day, facilitate regeneration and find peace in the evening.

Healy is designed to help you increase your vitality, improve the flow of your energy reserves and activate your energy reservoirs.

Healy offers individual programs that can support you in the following ways:

  • Pain / Psyche

  • Its

  • The golden cycle

  • Mental balance

  • job

  • Skin

  • Learning

  • Fitness

  • Beauty

  • Meridiany

  • Chakras

  • Bioenergetic balance of organs and systems

  • Protection programs

Healy frequency programs can support you in just 20 minutes of application, no matter where you are: playing sports, relaxing, at work, at home or on the road.

How does Healy work?

The main principle of Healy is " If the cell is healthy, the person is healthy" and is based on the theory of Becker and Nordenstrom, according to which many diseases or dysfunctions in the body are caused by unnaturally lowered cell membrane tension.

This means that the voltage difference between the inside of the cell and the space between the cells is too small. A healthy cell shows a value of around -70 mV or millivolts.

A voltage potential lower than this normal (physiological) value leads to disturbances in cellular metabolism and often causes various diseases and health problems.

By introducing currents into the body, Healy is designed to bring cell tension back into a h