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Change your food for good!

You are what you eat. 

If you want to take care of your health and give yourself energy, you can't eat junk. Just as a car won't get very far on contaminated gasoline, and burning waste in a furnace will probably destroy it before the warranty expires, your body also needs clean fuel to do its job.  

Each organism is different, but there is something that connects them all. Everyone needs a healthy lifestyle and  the highest quality nutrients. High-quality sources of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. Plus: the power of vegetables, spices and herbs. Healthy variety - it is the key to a balanced diet and protection against deficiencies.  He should avoid highly processed products, dyes and preservatives.

Many people think about the diet individually tailored to their needs. If you have more specific nutritional needs or are looking for classic diets to help you reach your healthy goal, look at specialized companies that offer menus or complete diet meals. They take into account the level of demand for energy, macro and micronutrients as well as culinary preferences, degree of physical activity, history of diseases and finally - lifestyle. Ready meals are delivered by courier to the address indicated, at the selected time.


Diet catering

Until recently, the box diet was associated with the lives of celebrities or large corporations. Meanwhile, it has become a convenient alternative for every person who wants to change their lifestyle, and does not always have time for it.

Below are a few box diet companies that offer daily service in our city.


Maczfit already has over 100,000. satisfied customers. Meals from clinical nutritionists. 13 ready diets i  daily 25 dishes to choose from. Extra meals for loved ones. Free online dietary consultations. Mobile application and loyalty program.



MyCatering diets are created under the watchful eye of nutritionists and food technologists. They make sure that the meals contain the right amount of calories, macronutrients and are varied. The possibility of replacing the menu, ecological packaging or a 24/7 order management panel are their other strengths.


dieta kapusciana.jpg

Personalized box diet at your fingertips. Compose meal sets with almost no limits. Manage the menu by choosing from dozens of dishes a day. Decide how many meals you order each day. Exclude ingredients you don't like or can't eat. Choose delivery days and addresses. Set up a subscription - you don't have to remember about payments. Manage food - one account for the whole family.


Eat Great and Feel Great! In the dietary catering offer of SuperMenu by Anna Lewandowska you will find a proposal tailored to your needs.
The diet has 3 levels: Good Start, Road to Mastery and Warrior Challenge. These stages are a specially designed path to full health.
Among them you will find proposals such as: Fit, Sport, Vege, Vege + Fish and No Gluten & No Lactose.


Ready Diets

If preparing meals is your passion, below you will find companies thanks to which you can online choose a menu composed for you for the whole day, week, month. Cheers! 

vitalia.jpg is an online diet website for people who want to lose weight and eat healthy. Choose the products you like. 5 diets in one subscription. Specialized diets. The care of a nutritionist, trainer and psychologist included in the price and about 2 million satisfied customers. Simple and effective. New menu every 7 days. Ready plan from the trainer.


Juice diets

The juice diet is a proposal for those who want to cleanse and strengthen the body. 

The juice diet is a type of diet intended for short-term use because it is a deficient diet, and the daily calorific value is usually 800-1200 kcal.


SPORTFOOD juice diets are a quick and effective way to lose weight and regenerate the body. Their cleansing effect is an ideal introduction to a healthy and balanced diet. We offer 3,4 and 8 day packages. Clients lose an average of 2 to 6 kg per week.


'Eco' shops with organic food

Discover the largest stationary and online delicatessen where you can buy products from family organic farms,  from producers representing the best national and European brands. Most of them are certified organic food, and the rest are natural, regional, gluten-free, sugar-free and lactose-free products.


The store offers a wide selection of certified products, more than 90% of which have been produced using ecological methods, and a convenient form of transaction. All organic products are offered in a wide range of availability and at the lowest prices.


Kształty graficzne

Polski Zielarz is an online store with herbs, dietary supplements, teas, coffee and healthy food. All products are made from natural herbs and ingredients. Next day delivery.


Cooking courses

Learn to make food from scratch. Only then do you have control over what and of what quality products are inside the dishes. See the VOD courses pages dedicated to home products.


Fimple are people who have decided to keep the tradition of real, natural food made in their own way at home. How to make gouda cheese, wholemeal wheat bread or white sausage? Find out on!


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