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When health is lacking, wisdom cannot manifest, art cannot manifest, strength cannot be used, wealth is useless,

and reason is powerless.


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Welcome! How are you feeling today?

My name is Paulina and  I will help you and your loved ones find their dream path to full health.

I am a master of medical analysis, certified in:  naturopath , herbalist, informodiagnostic, informotherapist, nutritionist specializing in the interaction of supplements with drugs, but most of all:  promoter of a healthy, long and happy life!

A little more about me:

I graduated from the Medical University of Bialystok, Faculty of Pharmacy and Laboratory Medicine, and also worked for several years abroad in hospitals and medical companies. This is where my interest in complementary medicine was born, a discipline more and more appreciated by the WHO and described in scientific research all over the world, and in Poland, unfortunately, the harm to the patient is still limited, underestimated or, even worse, misinterpreted.

  In my work with the client, I skillfully interweave the medical knowledge gained over the years and the interpretation of diagnostic tests with a common sense approach to holistic medicine with the help of natural therapy methods and therapeutic protocols .  

Reasons why you can feel safe and expect positive effects of our cooperation:

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Skills acquired during medical studies: diagnostic, preclinical, pharmaceutical and dietary competences as well as complementary competences obtained during many years of study, training, courses, conversations with other specialists and professional practice.

Using the acquired knowledge in solving health problems, interpreting data and combining non-obvious facts.


Empathy, motivation to learn about the client's health problems and expectations in a holistic dimension. Recognize and remove his concerns about ailments. Help in establishing life plans for the near and more distant future, introducing changes in the current lifestyle and complying with pro-health recommendations.


Effective and efficient use of acquired diagnostic, medical and complementary skills.

Plastic methods, individually adapted to the type and stage of ailments as well as age, health and customer expectations. Non-invasive and painless techniques for measuring the burden on the body.

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